Thermal Management


• Thermistor and Thermocouple Manufacturer
Glass encapsulated NTCs individually tested and selected at the
customer desired operating temperature
Thermocouples manufactured and packaged to customer specifications

• Bespoke Sensors and Assemblies
Incorporating glass encapsulated NTC and thermocouple technology
Overheat protection
Monitoring and measuring temperature

• Standard Thermistor Range
Precision has a standard range of NTCs available in addition to bespoke
Enclosed is a specification sheet which will help us to determine your exact
requirements. Please complete as necessary. (
Click Here)

• Non Contact Infra-Red Sensors
These are assembled in a static controlled area
These units are based on thermopile technology
Full Calibration and testing available

• Thermal Protection Assemblies
Precision manufacture many different types of thermal protection
assemblies, incorporating safety switches, fuses and PTC

• Platinum Resistance Assemblies
These assemblies are manufactured to customer specification.

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