Interconnect Systems




Cable Harnesses
Prototyping to mass production is undertaken
UK and Far Eastern production facilities
Overmoulding on cable and connectors
Specialised wire types processes (Silicone, High Temp PTFE / FEP, Multicore)
Quality Specification incorporated as required (UL, CSA, BEAB, MIL, DIN, etc)

High Voltage Applications
Design, built and tested from single connectors to complete
systems, up to 30KVAC (40KVDC)

Bespoke Connectors and Mouldings
From tool design to terminal and connector production
Standard and high temperature materials to suit customer applications
Designed and developed or to customer specifications

Mains Connectors
High Temperature / High Ampage / V0 Rated terminal blocks

Range Cords / Power Cord
Domestic and Commercial use
High Temperatue / Oil Resistant / UL, BS, BEAB, etc

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Far East Manufacturing

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